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Six Countries Will Host FIFA World Cup 2030 Matches

It's been some weeks since the announcement, but the excitement around the novelty remains as many ideas around the opportunity begin to develop.

Why is this exciting? The FIFA World Cup 2030 is going bigger and across more countries and confederations than ever before. Let’s talk format because it’s unique. The event will feature single opening matches in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina for the centennial celebrations of the first World Cup. All subsequent matches will take place across the three host countries—Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

This might pose some interesting challenges around logistics and match planning but opens a plethora of interesting activation opportunities for brands in all six markets, three continents, and around the world. How can brands capitalize on these unique historical commemorations? What opportunities can be found in the three host markets with some of the world's most passionate fans and incredible stadiums, including Estadio da Luz, Santiago Bernabeu, and a rumored 113,000-seater "mega stadium" near Casablanca that wants to host the Final? And, perhaps most importantly, what can brands begin doing today, and along the way, to be in prime position for this unprecedented event?

These are all topics we are exploring with brands. Explore them with us at GMR FC.