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Looking Beyond Demographics with AI

AI is fascinating because it grasps more information and patterns than the human brain. Recent advances leveraged by AI systems surpass human capacity and are seemingly limitless. The technology’s ability to mimic the brain is unbelievable, and it can actually be used to help us to take some bias out of our thinking.


As humans, it’s natural for our brains to categorize things; it’s even a survival instinct to think about human-related patterns in terms of demographics. This is where AI can come in and level up the pattern capabilities.


For many brands, there are opportunities to align with consumers over behavior patterns rather than relying solely on demographics for audience targeting. Brands want engaged consumers who are loyal to their products instead of a specific demographic—it’s more inclusive marketing and it’s more impactful on the bottom line.


AI tools help look beyond demographic categorization and step into ways people behave. For example, some generalizations you may have assumed: ‘women like to go clothes shopping’ and ‘young people love those catchy TikTok dances.’ However, instead of saying that women like to go clothes shopping, AI might find in the data that people who like to go clothes shopping also prefer luxury cleaning products to maintain their clothes. It’s not about gender, but instead it’s about behaviors that frequently occur together. Rather than noticing all the young people who love TikTok dances, AI could pick up that people who post dances on TikTok spend more time on social media compared to people who don’t. Again, it’s not about the demographic—all people are considered.


At GMR Marketing, I work on the SOLE Science© team. We study consumer behavior with AI techniques to understand memory making for brands. We’ve found that consumers who have positive memories associated with brands are 6x more likely to consider purchasing that brand in their next buying interaction. Without looking at a single demographic, we help brands understand what experiential marketing tactics will provide optimal memory making at an event. Instead of narrowing the focus to a specific demographic, we want to provide optimal memory making experience for all consumers.


Let’s stop restricting ourselves to a number, or a category, or a demographic but broaden our horizons to engage all consumers. If you’d like to learn more about SOLE Science, please reach out – I'd love to talk.