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50 Most Marketable Athletes of 2023

The world's 50 Most Marketable Athletes of 2023 ranking has been published. The list, created by SportsPro, always generates interesting conversation. Discussions around the methodology, which includes qualitative data for the first time, questions around missing (or included) athletes, and opinions about the definition of marketability. One key takeaway for us is global football and it’s overwhelming dominance. 


22 out of the 50 athletes were footballers (tennis was second with eight athletes). Also, noteworthy—its omnipresence. There were football players from six continents; eight are women (including two in the top 5); and ages spanned from 22 to 38-years old. There’s a chance we could see Bukayo Saka at the pinnacle of marketability for another 16 years (until 2039!), similar to how Messi and Ronaldo have been ranked in the past 14 editions.   


They might all play the same sport, but this group of 22—including the likes of Rapinoe, Rashford, and Neymar—have incredibly diverse profiles, passions, and pursuits outside the pitch. Similarly, many of the clubs, leagues, and tournaments that these athletes participate in represent different things and speak to fans in different ways. Long story short, whatever brands might be looking for in sponsorship, they can find in football. And we can help.  


Who was #1 you ask? To no one’s surprise—Inter Miami's man of the moment, Messi.  

50 Most Marketable Athletes of 2023